How to add an entry

This is a directory for Hairdressers and Salons to advertise and market anything about their Hair and Beauty Services. Its costs only $5 to make an entry and that entry stays published for 365 days before being archived. Your services can entered into distinct categories like Hair Extensions or Brazilian Blowout. If you need a category created I can do it once it is hair related. If you are not sure if your website is hair related please send me an email before you post. I want to make it as easy as possible for prospective clients to find a salon in their city.


Here is the process

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  • Log in with the username and password emailed to you
  • Add a deposit to your account with PayPal
  • Click on the ADD NEW ENTRY button.

All of the following entries are available to you

Select a Category
Upload one Picture
Provide a link to your website
Provide an address for Google maps to display your locations

All entries are automatically approved but all non Beauty related or offensive entries will be deleted.

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