Brazilian Blowout

Press release for a hairdresser that now offers Brazilian Blowouts

A Hairdresser at salon X is one of the hairdressers that offer the amazing Brazilian Blowout. This Brazilian keratin Treatment-known here as the Brazilian styling hair, be protected in the name of the product that we use Brazilian Blowout tm.

Brazilian keratin treatment occurs in Brazil 10 years ago, a group of scientists accidentally discovered that when applied to the hair keratin and other substances get straight hair without frizz, with improved properties. That got the attention of Brazilian cosmetic manufacturers, who began testing and formulating products.

Until a few years in the hairdressing salons have used the traditional formulas that are contained inside a high degree of formalin, which would be under the influence of heat turned into a dangerous formaldehyde gas. Today, we use second-generation products based on formaldehyde-free (without formaldehyde) technology. Brazilian Blowout TM is a product of formaldehyde and is used in most of the world’s salon.

Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Richie, Halle Berry, Ashley Tisdale are just some of the famous Hollywood stars who have worked with just treatment of Brazilian Blowout products.

The main difference that separates it from other treatments that are immediately washed keratin, and it is not necessary to keep a few days on the hair as with most other keratins treatment includes Brazilian super nutritious and complex Acai line of hair care products that further extend the treatment effect.

Keratin is a substance that is an integral part of the hair, nails and teeth. Hair and nails have a particular tendency to become dry and brittle, and it just makes the lack of keratin takvima. Bojanje, blow, blajhanje and other chemical treatments kill the level of keratin and moisture in the hair, the hair lost its softness, elasticity and a healthy, natural look. Brazilian keratin hair treatment replaces essential protein, creating a protective layer of keratin around hair. Keratin is applied to the hair, and using special irons and hair under a certain temperature, “seal” the hair. The whole treatment takes about 60-90 min. depending on length of hair, a product that is silky-soft, perfectly straight, shiny, smooth hair without kovrca. Brazilski keratin treatment restores life to your hair, hair restoration after the first treatment was on average about 80% successful, and to 100% after the second and the third treatment. Hair as such remains flat up to 3 months or longer depending on the structure kose. Tretman is recommended for all types of hair, and ordered dry and damaged hair, where you see the best results of treatment. After treatment, you should use a shampoo with no sulfates, sulfate shampoos as quickly washed keratin and reduce the effectiveness tretmana. Bojanje and locks do before the treatment because it also reduces the effectiveness of treatment.

The X salon has secured a complete hair care with the Brazilian Blowout tm sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, and hair masks. Price for the Brazilian keratin treatment is a 500kn for short, EUR 600 and 700 for medium to long hair.