Tipping at your Salon

Tipping at your Salon

Many consumers aren’t sure if they should offer tips at their salon or not. They also don’t have a clear idea about who to tip or even how much. While tips aren‘t mandatory they are well appreciated. When you get great service you should be inclined to offer something.

It isn’t customary to leave a tip for the receptionist at the salon. If someone offers you a drink and you accept then a $1 tip is more than substantial for that service. You should offer a few dollars for the person that shampoos your hair or that dries your hair. At many busy salons this won’t be your stylist.

The largest part of the tip should be reserved for your stylist. A good tip is from 10% to 20% of the total cost of the service. Some people though choose to go with a flat rate of $5 or $10 and that is acceptable too.

Tips should be handed directly to the person that they are for. Don’t give it all to your stylist for example and ask her to divide it up. Many facilities offer tip envelopes at the reception desk. When you go to pay for your hair care that day you can also cover your tips.

If you want to have them added to a credit card they can do that for you as well and then give the cash to those employees. If you use envelopes you need to use one for each person at the salon you wish to leave a tip for. You also want to put their name and your own name on the outside of the envelopes.

Only tip what you are comfortable with when it comes to your salon. You shouldn’t feel like you have to leave one if you really don’t want to. If you feel that you got great service though a tip shows it. You don’t have to leave anything extravagant though in order to offer something so stay within your budget. Around the holidays it is typically for the tips to be increased, but again that isn’t mandatory.

Some salon locations don’t accept tips. If you offer one and it is graciously turned down, then smile and put it away. You don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable or violate the policies of that business. If the hair stylist happens to be the owner of the facility they typically won’t accept tips but do allow them to be left for the other employees.

If you aren’t sure about tipping procedures at a given salon you can call and ask them. You can also talk to the receptionist when you arrive for your appointment. They will be happy to fill you in on the details so you won’t have any stress about that topic. You should never feel obligated though to leave a tip though, it is a personal choice. It isn’t legal for a salon to add a tip to the cost of your hair procedures without you approving it. Sometimes the cashier will ask if you want to add one and you can accept or refuse.