Your wedding and your salon

Your wedding and your salon

For women there are two days which are according to them, most memorable days of their lives. Firstly the day they got married and started their new lives and secondly, the day they gave birth to their children. When it comes to children most of things happen naturally and no one can do anything about it. For a wedding there are a lot of decisions to be made by bride and bride groom to make the day most perfect, including style of your hair to be decided. Most important thing to be decided in case of hair is the selection of  salon on a wedding to give your hair a good style.

For men, some people have their favorite  salon previously, its better if they stick to their salons unless they do not do hair job for weddings. Find a hairdresser and choose your hairstyle for your wedding day requires some preparation. If you do not have a personal hairdresser, go around your circle to be sure of his skills. It is highly recommended to make an appointment at the hairdressers a few weeks before the ceremony. Plan two meetings with your hairdresser. An appointment will take about 2 weeks before your wedding. And one day even the execution of your hair.


The first time you see your hairdresser, it will be to have a good discussion. Indeed, it is important to define exactly the kind of hairstyle you want. To do this, it is good that your hairdresser knows the style of your dress and you wear a veil. The style of wedding and time of the celebration may also be useful. If it is possible to make a photograph of a hairstyle you like, it can help your stylist. All these details will get the ideal hairstyle for you to be in the wedding day beauty. At your first meeting with your hairdresser, consider to bring a photo of your dress wedding, tell him about the style of your wedding, share your tastes and your desires with him

It should logically start looking at the texture of your hair and has the shape of your face so you offer wedding hairstyles to suit your face and your style, or a catalog or a gesture in your hair. Please give your opinion. When you are permanently attached to your bridal hairstyle, and once the last test done, just ask your hairdresser that you take a picture so you can ask his opinion your best friend and it will be even easier to get the same hairstyle for the big day


At a wedding, hairdressers agree it is better for the bride, not to radically change your look. Also, opt for a hairstyle that will enhance its beauty, rather than wanting absolutely the latest trend. The buns for long hair are a good choice. As for short hair, it is suggested that a styling to reveal the face. Finally, wear a blouse with buttons not you paint when you change your outfit. And especially when your choice of hairstyle will be arrested, be certain not to change his mind on the wedding day.